Garcinia Cambogia Vs Green Coffee Bean Extract

It’s no wonder that products like the green coffee bean extract diet or garcinia cambogia have become really popular in the last few years.

But what do these products exactly do to help you with your weight loss goals?

This infographic below will address this and a number of other questions around the all natural weight loss products – Garcinia Cambogia and Green Coffee Bean Extract.

Garcinia Cambogia Vs Green Coffee Bean Extract

As you saw, the best part of these all-natural products is that they have less to no harmful side effects and they can work wonderfully well alongside any gym or fitness routine that you follow.

If you’re looking to lose weight naturally, then these products can definitely help your cause. Although, you must understand that there are no substitutes to a healthy lifestyle. These products are meant to complement your efforts and not substitute them.

However, if you are suffering from any special conditions then it is advised that you take your physician’s advice before taking any such supplements.

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Green Coffee Bean Extract – Helpful or Hype for Weight Loss?

Are you still bothering yourself by trying to learn the difficult-to-do ashtanga yoga poses or wasting your time with cardio workouts and diets that don’t work?

Did you ever imagine that it is possible to lose weight without workout or diet?

Although your weight loss would certainly be bigger with the added benefit of exercise, but it is possible to do it without.

The answer, what you’ve missing out on, is the Green Coffee Bean Extract (GCBE).

GCBE is extracted from the unroasted beans of coffee. The active ingredients in GCBE are chlorogenic acid and caffeine.

High caffeine content has been well known for weight loss in the past while several industry sponsored studies have now confirmed that chlorogenic acid (in GCBE) helps block fat accumulation and aids in regulating post meal blood sugar levels, which has a key role in weight loss.

This infographic (by clearly outlines the clinical studies that confirmed the benefits of GCBE as a miraculous supplement for weight loss.

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

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Did you that Garcinia Cambogia Extract is another all-natural product that is again a breakthrough in the weight loss world, as it is shown to suppress appetite while also reducing bad cholesterol and halting the production of fat cells?

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The Health Benefits of Coffee

Yes, coffee helps your body from head to toe.

BUT don’t forget the rule of moderation.

Addiction is not fine. If you keep things you love in moderation, you’ll have no reason to blame coffee ever.

So while you go over this infographic that shares the various research studies on how coffee benefits your body, you make sure that you never have no more than 3-4 cups of coffee a day.

Health Benefits Of Coffee

What more – green coffee bean extract which we are going to discuss in the next post can really help you lose weight. Green coffee bean extract was also reviewed on the Dr Oz Show and was highlighted as the supplement that burns fat fast (without the need to exercise and diet).


We’ll go over green coffee bean extract and review its health benefits in the next post.

How Coffee Changed America?

Don’t we all love coffee?

I do.

They say that you tend to write about things that give you a pause in your daily life.

Ever since I left Indiana for the hustle bustle of New York, this coffee has been my best friend. It gave me time to think, to analyse and helped me the clear person I wanted to be. It has been the document of my new existence. It gives me the quiet that i miss of the Indiana.

Coffee transformed my life and may be millions of others, as well.

But did you know how coffee transformed america?

This is a beautiful infographic that will take you through the story of how coffee changed the history of america.

How Coffee Changed America

Hope you enjoyed this infographic over a cup of coffee. In the next post, we will discuss how coffee really helps you keep good health.